We create a safe environment
for practical training of construction equipment.

We provide differentiated 3D contents and
develop and distribute VR hands-on training simulator with HMD.

We are a company that breaks the boundaries between virtual space and reality with future technologies.

Big Pictures has applied VR to construction equipment pilot training
with its technical skills and abundant experience in developing 3D and VR contents. We have been developing VR operation training solutions for forklift, crane, loader, etc. starting with the launch of VR POKO in May 2017.
We will break the boundaries between reality and virtual space through continuous development of technology.

VR Simulator

More realistic operational practice is possible by applying the HMD platform. With this innovation, you can provide hands-on training at no maintenance costs for construction equipments, and without the risk of accidents.



Additional construction equipment models such as forklifts, tower cranes, and trailers can be installed, and development is supported by reflecting the actual training environment.


Fork Lift


Tower Crane