Trainee and operation records management system

CMmatrix is a hands-on management system that allows you to record and manage trainees' training information in conjunction with CMS. You can check the status of construction equipment training at a glance and manage it individually or in groups to maximize the performance improvement of trainees.


Visualized records to maximize the Training effect

CMmatrix doesn’t only identify the current status of an individual or group trainee easily, but also analyze the records objectively to provide the feedbacks by implementing records in 3D. Trainees can improve their skills by replaying the movements they performed.

Learner Practice Information Dashboard

It is easy to check the overall status of training, such as the total number of trainees,
the acceptance rate by day and group, and the most successful trainees.

Management of student personal Operation information

Verification and management of data records related to the equipment training by individual trainee.

Management by student group

The administrator can manage trainees in groups.

Powerful feedback function

Visualize trainees' training records in 3D to enable simulation replay and accurate feedback.